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Aero.IoT is a research and development project that aims to develop tools supportes by IoT and artificial intelligence applied to the data and energy resources of operations and resources of aeronautical maintenance companies, for the design of a new integrated management model. The promoting consortium is made up of two companies, a AEROHÉLICE, from the aeronautical maintenance sector and SMARTWATT, from the engineering services and R&D sector.

project objectives

Main objective |

Reinforce research, technological development and innovation

Develop a new service and product of integrated energy management system supported by new IoT and artificial intelligence tools to collect and analyse energy assets and resources data. In this case, applied to aeronautical maintenance companies, to help Aerohélice company to improve energy management to accelerate its energy efficiency, innovate processes and implement sustainable practices.

project outcome


| Development of a new platform with a global and centralised management of the operational status of the entire installation and, at the same time, with real-time data

One full energy supervision of the network analysers, meters, and equipment to a complete control of the different variables in industrial processing. A new EMS with the essential tools to manage all energy consumption through cutting-edge engineering with monitoring points for electricity, water, gas and other energy sources.


Real-time consumption monitoring

Savings and reduction of CO2 emissions

Data analysis and consumption control

Detailed energy analysis

Anomaly detection, preventive maintenance

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Project designation | Aero.IoT

Project code | POCI-01-0247-FEDER-069628

Main goal | Reinforce research, technological development and innovation